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Whole Man Academy

The world needs strong men, and that’s what the Whole Man Academy is about.

We help growth-focused guys who crave more success to reignite their hidden drive and become the men they know they can be.


The Network

Since 2018, founder Anthony Astbury has created practical tools to help professional men with the right mindset overcome their Silent Struggles and start winning again.

Central to this movement is The Network, an affordable, high-value membership for professional men who recognise the flaws in the lone wolf concept and desire the support of other driven individuals.

Together, they inspire each other to maximize their potential and achieve their goals. The Network combines expert advice, clear action plans, regular accountability, new connections, and opportunities within a supportive brotherhood.


Dinner events and retreats

We also offer regular dinner events in London and the Cotswolds, a transformative 2-day retreat to escape the rat race, a popular podcast with over 130 episodes and 125,000+ downloads, and impactful personal coaching with Anthony Astbury.

This comprehensive suite of practical tools is accessible regardless of your challenges, budget, circumstances, or schedule.


Corporate talks

Whole Man Academy has partnered with iconic brands such as Gieves & Hawkes and the London Sock Company and delivered corporate talks at Spotify, Barclays, Aviva, and Soho House, connecting with some of the world’s most prestigious companies.

Our mission is to help men reignite their dormant drive and become confident, capable, dependable, strong, and resilient. We aim to ensure that every man can look in the mirror and feel proud of who he is.

If you’re a growth-focused man who knows there’s more to life than a dead-end job, living for the weekend, or being stuck on the hamster wheel, join us.


Self-analysis tool

The best way to get started is with our FREE groundbreaking digital self-analysis tool.

It will tell you exactly what you need to do to increase wealth, career success, health, productivity, confidence, and more, personalised to your current situation.

Anthony has synthesized tips, strategies, and tactics from hundreds of interviews with Olympic athletes, World Champion fighters, CEOs, top entrepreneurs, Royal Marines, Maori warriors, and other elite men into this life-changing tool.

Simply click the link and spend three minutes answering powerful and specific questions that will unveil a hidden world to you. Let the tool work its magic.

Is your dream life worth taking three minutes to complete? Get your results now: www.wholemanacademy.com/quiz



Website: www.wholemanacademy.com

The Network www.wholemanacademy.com/thenetwork

Instagram: www.instagram.com/wholemanacademy/

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-astbury


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