The Gallery at the Guild

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The Gallery at the Guild

Where Art Thrives in the Heart of the Cotswolds

Nestled within the charming village of Chipping Campden, amidst its historic buildings, lies a unique artistic sanctuary: The Gallery at the Guild. Housed in the Old Silk Mill, this vibrant space departs from traditional gallery norms, embracing a dynamic cooperative spirit. Here, 28 local artists showcase their diverse talents, creating a tapestry of contemporary art that transforms the space.


More Than Just an Exhibition

Upon entering The Gallery at the Guild, sunlight streams through windows, illuminating sculptures, paintings, and diverse art forms. But it's the vibrant energy of the community that sets this space apart. Conversations hum between visitors and artists, deepening the understanding of the art on display. Ideas are exchanged, fueled by a collective passion that fills the air. This is a place for connection, where artists and the community build bridges through a shared appreciation for creativity.


A Haven for Art Lovers

Whether a seasoned collector or simply curious about art, The Gallery at the Guild welcomes all. Its ever-changing exhibitions showcase a spectrum of mediums and styles. Explore the space, letting the pieces speak their own unique visual language.


Discover the Artistic Soul of Chipping Campden

If your travels bring you to Chipping Campden, venture beyond the picturesque streets and into The Gallery at the Guild. There, you'll encounter the beating heart of the Cotswolds' creative community.


Contact Information

The Gallery at the Guild, The Old Silk Mill, Sheep Street, Chipping Campden.

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