The Boutique Distillery

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The Boutique Distillery

The Boutique Distillery Ltd is a true eco-distillery, building their own unique copper stills from scratch using up-cycled materials and running on 100% renewables.

Their passion for gin and rum began over 30 years ago when they learned the craft from a moonshiner with an amazing amount of knowledge and expertise.

Today, The Boutique Distillery uses only the finest organic ingredients, including field fresh grains free of sprays and anything nasty, along with the purest mountain water for tempering.

Their signature gin, Ginavive, is produced using a unique method of gently passing warm vapours from their smooth grain spirit through 13 carefully selected botanicals. This results in a gin with a stunning, well-rounded flavour and a gorgeous opalescence when adding tonic and ice.

The Boutique Distillery has also recently introduced a Pink Raspberry & Hibiscus gin, which uses rare botanicals grown at the distillery and fresh local raspberries to create a gin with depth and smoothness like no other.

During lockdown 3.0, they launched their HAKA Premium Rum, which is matured using ex-bourbon casks and has notes of ripe banana, caramel, vanilla and smoky oak.

If you’re looking for multi-award-winning gin and rum made with love and care for the environment, look no further than The Boutique Distillery Ltd.

Order your bottle today and experience the difference!


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