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Cotswold Barristers

Legal Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

Legal Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

Cotswold Barristers offers a unique approach to legal services. Their team of specialised barristers works directly with clients, eliminating the need for a solicitor. This direct access model shortens communication lines, reduces legal costs, and allows clients to focus on the core of their legal issues.


Benefits of Working with Cotswold Barristers

  • Free Initial Consultations: Clients receive a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with a specialist barrister to assess their case.
  • Transparent Pricing: All fees are fixed in advance and payable in stages, with a guarantee against increases.
  • Expertise Across Practice Areas: Cotswold Barristers offer specialised counsel in areas like business disputes, property matters, financial services, employment issues, intellectual property, regulatory matters, criminal cases, professional negligence, and civil fraud.


Why Choose Cotswold Barristers?

Clients seeking cost-effective legal representation and direct access to expert barristers will find Cotswold Barristers provides a compelling alternative to traditional legal structures.


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Cotswold Barristers, Cheltenham

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