Your Cotswolds Business Community and NETWORKING PLATFORM

It’s been said many times: Our Huddle is the friendliest networking event in the Cotswolds. 

The Cotswolds Huddle is a monthly networking event for businesses and people to meet, mingle, and learn from each other. Always free and with refreshments and plenty of opportunities to network with a great bunch of people. 

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Monthly Networking

The Cotswolds Huddle, the friendest networking group in the Cotswolds since 2013. 

Always free, with refreshments, and plenty of opportunities to network with great people.

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Cotswolds Concierge


Cotswolds Concierge is the best guide to the Cotswolds... we're sure of it. We're all about connecting visitors from around the world with the absolute best the Cotswolds has to offer.

Cotswolds Concierge helps awesome tourism and hospitality businesses get noticed. We offer different membership packages so you can reach more people and show them what makes your business special.

Mette Lacey

WRITER ∙ DESIGNER ∙ organiser

When Mette created Cotswolds Concierge in March 2013, she set out to create a new way to promote the Cotswolds through the many great hospitality and tourism businesses in it.

In June of 2013 she sent out the invites to the first ever Cotswolds Huddle. She wanted to offer businesses a monthly networking event that was laid back, friendly, and free. She did just that, and that's the way it's been ever since.

Cotswolds Weddings

showcases ∙ features ∙ DIRECTORY

Cotswolds Weddings is the ultimate guide to making your special day in the Cotswolds unforgettable! We'll help brides and grooms find the perfect venue and the best wedding suppliers in the region.

And that's not all! Alongside the very best wedding suppliers in the Cotswolds and in some of the mst wonderful wedding venues, we host four wedding showcases throughout the year.

Why is it free and so laid back?

Always free

"It never felt right to me to charge people to meet people. Networking at its best is about building community, not barriers.

Charging for events can exclude some fantastic people simply because of budget constraints. From the very first Huddle in June 2013, I just wanted to bring the Cotswolds together, and I wouldn't have felt right charging for that" ∙ Mette

Super laid back

"I basically created a networking event that I would want to attend myself. Like most people, I don't really enjoy the elevator pitches, the 7am starts, and the forced conversations.

At The Cotswolds Huddle there's no theme, no speaker, no five-minute time slots to speak, and no schedule. I think it's the lack of agenda that make the Huddles such lovely events" ∙ Mette

The most friendly

Our Huddles are most often described by those who attend them as "the most friendly networking event I've ever been to".

"My goal was always to create a welcoming, inclusive space where everyone feels comfortable connecting and growing their network. I think those who attend feel that and then pay that energy forward" ∙ Mette

the cotswolds

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